He saw the pimple, she saw the scar,
She saw the fat; he, the wrinkle, the mar,
Freckles, asymmetry, spots, tatty clothes,
Too wide or narrow, imperfect nose,
Dark circles under the eyes from hard work
Thick eyebrows, thin lips, they drive you berserk
Hair out of place or gray, curly or straight,
These are our battles, the things that we hate.

Look in a mirror, you think of failure!
Makeup, hair coloring, find us a cure!
Threads, tweezers, lasers, plastic surgery
Millions of adverts say “you are ugly!”
Who told you the lie that you’re inadequate?
What qualifies them to be an advocate?
Look at their picture without photoshop.
Without correction, without their makeup.

Maybe we’re perfect the way we are made.
Why try to hide?  Why are we so afraid?
Maybe the Poem that God wrote us in,
The Author, Creator, Who saves us from sin,
“We are His workmanship,” should be trusted.
Worry makes hearts fail, grey hair, and us, dead.
The aesthetic ideal you are striving to see
Is already there in you.  See your beauty.


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