II Corinthians 4:7

I, simple chawan,
Am in my Master’s cupboard,
Waiting to be used by Him.

When His guests arrive,
He gently washes their feet,
Presenting each, white tabi.

Look! A hanging scroll
With the celebration’s theme.
Today is “About New Life.”

Guests and Master bow,
Wash their hands, and rinse their mouths,
Guests enter the tea room, low.

Master fields questions
Asked of the celebration,
Explaining His happiness.

Guests all cleanse again.
Flowers replace the scroll now.
And the chadōgu are washed.

When He is ready,
Master prepares and serves tea.
I am empty, fill me, Lord!

I am His vessel
Conveying His blessings, love,
And joy, steeped in His wisdom.

The celebration
Shares God’s Joy and His new life,
Offered to all, like warm tea.

He is the Master.
Won’t you please enter, joyful,
And join His celebration?

*chawan= teacup
tabi= socks
chadōgu= tea service (dishes)


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