The path was strewn with puddles from the falling Springtime rain,
The droplets, tiny meteorites, all smashing on the lane,
But I decided not to walk fast, looking everywhere,
I pulled my coat in close, to seal out wind, the colder air,
I watched a raindrop fall, and heard the splashing, felt the pain
The death of one to bring earth’s life, an elegy, refrain

Then as the single raindrops merged, the earth beneath was pinned
I saw the stately branches, swaying gently in the wind,
Witnessing the lightning lick, electrifying ground,
I winced with the destructive power, the percussive sound
My hair stood.  Was I to be struck down dead, since I have sinned?
Or was it just an empty fear?  I stopped, and then I grinned,

Ahead the pathway cleared, the rain was passing quickly by
I shivered with the cold and watched the clouds crossing the sky,
And walked along the path reflecting on my powerlessness,
I am the single meteorite, one grand, wet, smashing mess,
But here I plummet to the earth; we all are going to die,
Let those I leave behind decide if I am worth a cry


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