In Russia they’ve got DNA
To clone a beast gone yesterday,
A woolly mammoth, there’s no doubt,
That this would give the cloners clout,
The scientists found her frozen, dead,
With lunch in stomach undigested,
If they succeed, Colorado
Will have their tusky mascot, so
Teammates could take turns at shovel,
Feed, bathe, feed, feed and then, shovel.
What if they clone her to hybrids,
A million tiny mammoth kids,
Maybe if global warming’s true,
We’ll need their help to make it through,
What if they grow, take back the earth?
Their ancient destiny at birth,
The war, the epic of the epoch,
Ivory death stampedes, amuck.
Or worse, blunder, elephantine,
Read on, you’ll know just what I mean,
What if they bring her back, once dead,
And offspring, now warm, simply shed?
For all the millions that they spent,
It would just be… an elephant.


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