He sat amid the chaos and clutter
of a life gone horribly wrong,
He had dreams before, he muttered,
He used to even hear a song.
But that was when he was very young
Back when the song had yet to be sung

He looked around for the culprit,
There was no drug inducing needle,
He wished maybe even to blame it
On a stupefying bottle
But though he wished there was one
There was no excuse, time had undone

He didn’t want to be so angry,
He didn’t want to feel so hopeless,
But those were the only friends he could see
Amid the debris of dreams, the mess
He sat alone with his broken dreams
That time would not allow him to reach

In the darkness he thought it all through
The things he had worked for and wanted so
The dreams he had dreamed that didn’t come true
And realized if he was alive, he still had miles to go.
Those were only voices in his head, telling lies.
So he smiled, sat alone, waiting for sunrise.


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