About Me and My Poetry

My inspiration is the voice
Of characters, I’ll have my choice,
I’ll write a work of fiction, by
Listening, feeling, taste, or eye,

Or smell- the memory of bread,
From my childhood, still in my head.
Some humor found in online news,
Or history may be my muse,

The darkness of a secret curse,
The light of hopes unseen, rehearsed,
A night of solitude, of pain,
The dreams of life, for a refrain,

A car, a boat, a plane, a shoe,
Who knows?  I could write about you,
Names changed, you’d never recognize
I wrote you down:  your  truth, my  lies,

Or bricks, or water, storms, or streets,
The songs of characters one meets,
I hear the voices in my head,
And I write down the things they’ve said.


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