Why does the alcoholic crave the next drink
Mourning the empty flagon
Dropped in the sink
As one grieving life’s end
For an old friend?

Why does the oil need vinegar so bad
Yet separate until shaken?
Dressing salad,
The best flavors depend
On a good blend

Why does the drug addict crave the next fix?
Fearing supplier’s conviction
Locked behind bricks
The body cries out for more,
Silent tremor.

Why do the magnet ends now push, now pull?
Polarized love, or rejection
She’s whimsical
By choice.  When she turns around,
He’ll rebound.

Why do I need you while you don’t need me
You’re my favorite addiction
Damaging me.
I always come back for more.  
Soaring, or sore.

I want you to crave me, need me, hold me
Me: living earthquake, shaken,
Magnet ending,
Locked out, starving without you.
What shall I do?


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