Unaware that there is a problem, the children play
While the world treads, mercilessly, with heavy, mocking
Boots, trampling the flowers of childhood’s sweet innocence
Children play, only aware that they are all children
Hate is a viral infection, love, the remedy
Until we learn to hate, we play, becoming best friends.

Recall the way you felt when you first met, became friends
With that one person, all you wanted to do was play
All day, and when they were sad, you raced to remedy
Whatever was wrong, to silence others from mocking
To rescue your friend from the bullying, mean children
It was too late for them, already lost, in a sense

Recall the moment when you lost childhood’s innocence
Who told you, or your friend, that you couldn’t be best friends?
That day when hate “rescued you” from “different” children…
Murdered your youth, when all you wanted to do was play
Left you in shock, soul mortally bleeding, hate mocking
How long before you knew you needed a remedy?

By then, though it was too late, there was no remedy
You said what you said, thoughtless, meaning words in no sense,
Having learned hate, being affirmed, you were mimicking,
Hurt, unchecked, spreads virally, killing love between friends
You wouldn’t say those things if you could watch on re-play
View your own words, ripping the hearts of other children

If we realize it happens, we might save children
Hate is a viral infection, love, the remedy
Please, just leave them alone, let them show us how to play
Let them stay children, remaining loving innocents
Without hate, how long before the thought, we differ, ends,
Our arms relearn to stretch, to hug, as fabrics smocking?

The voice of hate says, “you will never beat me,” mocking,
“I will have your heart, and the hearts of all your children.
There will always be differences, dividing friends.
They will not listen, though you know love.  Your remedy,
Will never restore your friendships, nor the innocence,
You once knew together, sharing all, children at play.”

Can you hear it mocking us? True love’s the remedy
We can all be children, if all want their innocence
For my part, I’m sorry. Let’s be friends again, and play!


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