Zea mays

I am part of a lovely and talented writers group that meets about once a month.  I’ll leave it to the reader to decide whether I’m one of the lovely ones, or one of the talented ones.  The assignment for this coming meeting was to write a poem or short story or article including the words:  Pop, corn, Change, Female, Alcohol, Time and Mortality.

Here, then, is my 5/6/14 Writers Group Assignment: I love it when this happens– I just noticed it’s May, and the scientific name is:

Zea mays
Corn is versatile, grow some more, please,
I like caramel, she likes cheese,
Hot for dusted peppers, salted butter?
Garlic, lime, set your heart all aflutter?

Change your mind?  Just pop some more.
Buttered on the cob, salted, score!
Corn can even be cooked into liquor,
(But they don’t usually serve that in bars),
Or wasted, to make gas for cars,

Gluten allergies?  There’s no need to run
If we grew enough we could feed everyone,
Let’s stop wasting time and food, making gas-ohol-ine
And instead, stamp out starvation’s mortality!

Each kernel is an ovary, with silken tail,
Who knew the flowers were male and female?
Are the boys blue corn, and the girls yellow and pink?
That might make the scientists think,
But I’ll just try some moonshine.  Pass the drink!


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