Safe Drivers and Traffic Accidents

My perfect, adored and adorable wife kissed me softly in steadfast ardor.
It’s been a perfectly adequate life, though I frequently wish for more.
And if passion, steady, can decline,
I could blame hers, but she could blame mine.
I fought the traffic and got in late, I reached for the door at the office’s entry.
My hand brushed another, hers acquiesced, mine imbued with chivalry,
And I held it open, “ladies first.”
Her full length skirt brushed by, my eyes, immersed,
In Springtime beauty: wood grain printed, slow turned gentle symmetry.
Her eyes noticed mine and I noticed hers, with mutual curiosity.
She must have seen my admiration,
Noticed reverent fear, sensed temptation.
I have been on life’s road in this direction, long enough I do not want to turn,
Says the conscience I’ve listened to for correction, my own spirit to discern.
I know the right things to do and think,
But my eyes never know when to blink.


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