Feels Like Forever

The lyrics once made perfect sense
The two lovers’ heartbeats intense
Staring into each other’s eyes,
And seeing hearts, full moons and sighs.

I’ve chewed my nails to the quick
Fast, Faster, spinning til I’m sick.
She’s gone, my eyes can’t be less dry,
Cry, try, why? I have died inside,

And now the love songs make me sick,
My heart is a cold, cinder brick
Beautiful things remind every time,
But history grants no rewind.

The hole in my heart can’t be filled,
And where is hope when hope’s been killed?
She’s gone, my skies are darkest black,
Cracked, sacked,  and packed, no turning back.

Blasted, treasured, old memories,
Now just the shattered glass of dreams,
Cut shreds from numbed feet, stumbling more,
Felled to my knees.  Why don’t I feel sore?


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