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Buttercream Dream

The writers group inspires again.  Their August assignment was “Lucid Dream.”  So here for your amusement, is my response:

Buttercream Dream – Michael Johns – 07/31/2014

Beta-1 earthquake?
How long will this last?
Am I asleep or awake?
I think I’ll bake,
And if the dream is real, not fake,
In the morning, for breakfast,
I’ll have cake.

I made that dream up because I’ve never been in a situation where I knew I was dreaming.

What’s your lucid dream experience?

Feel free to share in comments, I’m pretty curious about the phenomenon.


Oh, I got the adults attention and they’re all reading on:  

There’s a Wikipedia Article all about lucid dreaming and it’s fascinating stuff.  But I got to the part where it said there were two different kinds and all I could think of was, Wake Initiated Lucid Dream is shortened to W.I.L.D.  Sounds right.  That’s just wild.  Not to mention scary.  But Dream Initiated Lucid Dream is shortened to D.I.L.D.  It just sounds wrong.  If you’re in a dream you initiated and realized you were lucid in the experience, wouldn’t it better be called a Lucid Dream Occurrence, since it’s just your brain playing with you?

I’m a bit leery of the whole lucid dream experience.  What if I am somnambulant and my brain only thinks it’s in my head in my bed?  I might decide I can fly or something, and go leaping off a building.  No thank you, sedative hypnotic drugs.  Just check out the side effects, there are whole lists of drugs that might induce sleepwalking.

The following is excerpted from  

     There are some drugs and medications that can cause sleepwalking. When a person is
     sleeping, the sleep stages occur in a cyclical order where a person drifts from light sleep
     to deep sleep. Somewhere during these stages, the body releases a hormone which
     paralyzes the body and that is when a person drifts into deep sleep. In people, who have
     sleepwalking disorder, this hormone is absent and that is why they remain semiconscious
     through the night. It is in this semi-conscious state that these people tend to sleepwalk.

     Sleepwalking is associated with sleep disorders and is caused mainly due to the lack of sleep.
     Some medications that can trigger this disorder are anti-stress medications, oxycontin,
     depression medications, and also medications for schizophrenia can cause sleepwalking.
     Most of the medications that are meant to calm the brain or affect it also cause sleep walking.
     In addition, any medication or a dosage of medication that interferes with the natural sleep
     pattern of a person can cause this disorder.

I don’t want to sleep walk.  If I don’t really want to exercise while I’m awake, why would I want to exercise while I’m sleeping?

Cake, however, sounds like a really nice thing to wake up to.  When I get back home, I’m going to just go to bed.  Life is complicated, and I’m tired because of it.  

Good night, everyone!


I miss you like crazy; I need you like water
My stomach rumbles and quakes,
Why do I feel so lonely, foolish and unsure
Regretting past and future mistakes?

I miss seeing your smile; I am starving to death
With a love that time can’t erase.
When will you be so close that i can feel your breath,
And kiss your beautiful face?

When you’re not around it feels like an epoch;
The more time, the more I’m berserk.
It doesn’t seem long when I look at the clock-
I’ve only just gone to work!

Challenge Accepted

Ten things from the Bible that still apply today

If every word in the Bible applies to us today,
Why are there so many people who don’t believe that way?
They look for loopholes and exceptions and errors in translation
These gnats they strain, passing camels of sin in the nation
We don’t want the Bible to have valid applications
If it does, we have to face the evil in our mirror
We look down our noses at others, but sin is nearer

Despite efforts to void them by lawyers and politicians,
We still can’t avoid God’s definitions of our basic sins,
The Ten Commandments will always be applicable.
Loving God wholeheartedly is either hard, or inescapable,
Because He loved us first, in ways unimaginable.
If we love Him, then we’ll want to avoid all of our sins
And loving as we love ourselves, Just be nice, that’s what it means.

It doesn’t matter much to me, how the universe came to be
But if God didn’t do it, how is it so perfect, just randomly?
And why are we here?  Is there purpose and meaning?
If there’s no right or wrong, why do we have  guilty feelings?
I can’t give what you want, if you want
permission to keep sinning.
If you don’t want to follow Christ, 
don’t take the Bible so personally
Because if you don’t,
it’s not for you, but it is written for me.

The Old Testament was written to Israel’s people, the Jews,
And for those who would be Christ-Followers, we have the New,
The critics say the
Old Testament is irrelevant, their dissension
Is to say the Old documents’ instructions are too outdated to mention
But if it’s in both Old and New Testaments, we might want to pay attention.
As God doesn’t change
His design or His mind about what to do,
until you die and go to meet Him, He offers His grace to you.  

Only Ten? Is It Enough?

(10:29) monica: thats what you write! 10 reasons your faith in people is shaky!

I was given this as a writing assignment by a writer friend who has written a much more positive list than mine, about her own inner beauty and her highest and best hopes for humanity.  She wrote 10 Things I Know To Be True.  Mine is more opinion than fact, but it is the challenge she issued, so here it is:


Only Ten? Is It Enough?

People are foolish, they’re poorly informed, but they all want to give me advice.
They’re also liars, expecting my faith, all the while pretending they’re nice,
But truthfully they hate me, or at a minimum, they love themselves more,
They want the best for themselves, and try to fix the game’s score,
So they always come out on top.

People are selfish, no one really cares, unless it affects their own bottom line.
They’re all fakers and takers, who want me to like them, and offer them something that’s mine.
Demanding, presumptuous, rude and self-indulgent, they give nothing and expect so much-
They’re like rabbits sneaking into the garden I planted, destroying everything they touch,
When I had hoped for a bumper crop.

People make mistakes; then they try to cover up, and want others to take the blame,
Since the Garden of Eden nothing has changed; people are still the same,
Fig leaves are an inadequate covering for the ignorance, bless your heart,
People aren’t blind or gracious, but their forgiveness is for sale at the Shop-Mart,
Just don’t give them some cheap pop-skiddle-bop.

People are smug when they’re winning the game, even if they cheated to get there,
But if you call them out for it, they are upset, and offended referees would dare
To tell them they’ve broken the rules, and they have to go back and restart the game.
And I know, because I’m a person like all other people, that I do exactly the same.
That’s at least ten, so I think I’ll stop.


Maybe I should write a Ten that’s more positive about something…  Suggestions?

Amours, Belles Chansons, Débauches…

I’ve heard all it takes is a look, a quick glance,
The mind takes the picture, the process, the chance,
A moment, a thought, and the deed is done, in
The heart and the soul and imagination
And if that’s the case it’s too easy to fall!
Though nothing was physically done at all,
One Source tells me that, I believe it’s the truth,
Which means mean, sordid things! Poor Christina and Ruth,
Shawn, Julie, and others, just from in High School,
The names have been changed, not the heart of the fool.
Even in my marriage I cannot escape,
My eyes are drawn like magnets, trapped and agape.
If touch isn’t required to sin, where is help?
It’s impossible to keep my eyes to myself!

Matthew 5:28


I read and write a lot of poetry,
Some I think is good and some is bad,
Understanding finally hit me,
I’m the kitten or puppy you’ve all had.

I want to curl up, nested on your lap,
Feel your warm legs under my belly,
While you pet me with your free hand,
Enjoying the experience of me.

I like writing that makes me feel and see
The feelings the writer has felt,
And writing that stretches and teaches me,
Painting freezing fire, pictures, passion’s melt.

I don’t like writing that reminds me
Of writing that I could have done myself,
Because I’m not sure of my quality,
But I always want your top shelf.

When you read and like my verse,
I feel safe, warm, and happy, and light,
When you don’t, I couldn’t feel worse,
And I want to hide, or rewrite.

Remember your kitten or your puppy,
When your friends ask of writers worth mention.
I’ve heeled beside you, head-bumping your knees,
Always looking for more attention.


Snarling, spittle-foamed fangs and maroon to scarlet flashing eyes,
Somehow familiar, so unfriendly,  I should have felt surprise,
Flashing flames from mahogany to blazing sunset, leering,
But I knew the face in detail, angry, hate filled, now sneering,
With no constructive purpose, only empowered to destroy:
Misguide my eyes, claws point up flaws, since I was a little boy.

I stared into the face of pure malevolent wickedness;
All at the same time, frightened, curious, cowardly, fearless,
It whispered in my ear, “Take it!  Try it!  Do it!  Do it NOW!”
I might have put up resistance if I only knew how.
Thoughtless, habits once again took me through familiar motions.
How could I feel right and wrong at the same time, both deep oceans?

Guilt and want, yes and no, there is supposed to be an escape,
If there is, I haven’t found it while evil is taking shape,
Then, when I have done what I have done, I am left with the guilt,
That hated face, still there, laughing at remorseful tears I’ve spilt-
Demon director, without the grace to hide behind a door,
Staring at me, waiting to tempt again, close as my mirror.