I read and write a lot of poetry,
Some I think is good and some is bad,
Understanding finally hit me,
I’m the kitten or puppy you’ve all had.

I want to curl up, nested on your lap,
Feel your warm legs under my belly,
While you pet me with your free hand,
Enjoying the experience of me.

I like writing that makes me feel and see
The feelings the writer has felt,
And writing that stretches and teaches me,
Painting freezing fire, pictures, passion’s melt.

I don’t like writing that reminds me
Of writing that I could have done myself,
Because I’m not sure of my quality,
But I always want your top shelf.

When you read and like my verse,
I feel safe, warm, and happy, and light,
When you don’t, I couldn’t feel worse,
And I want to hide, or rewrite.

Remember your kitten or your puppy,
When your friends ask of writers worth mention.
I’ve heeled beside you, head-bumping your knees,
Always looking for more attention.


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