Amours, Belles Chansons, Débauches…

I’ve heard all it takes is a look, a quick glance,
The mind takes the picture, the process, the chance,
A moment, a thought, and the deed is done, in
The heart and the soul and imagination
And if that’s the case it’s too easy to fall!
Though nothing was physically done at all,
One Source tells me that, I believe it’s the truth,
Which means mean, sordid things! Poor Christina and Ruth,
Shawn, Julie, and others, just from in High School,
The names have been changed, not the heart of the fool.
Even in my marriage I cannot escape,
My eyes are drawn like magnets, trapped and agape.
If touch isn’t required to sin, where is help?
It’s impossible to keep my eyes to myself!

Matthew 5:28


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