Only Ten? Is It Enough?

(10:29) monica: thats what you write! 10 reasons your faith in people is shaky!

I was given this as a writing assignment by a writer friend who has written a much more positive list than mine, about her own inner beauty and her highest and best hopes for humanity.  She wrote 10 Things I Know To Be True.  Mine is more opinion than fact, but it is the challenge she issued, so here it is:


Only Ten? Is It Enough?

People are foolish, they’re poorly informed, but they all want to give me advice.
They’re also liars, expecting my faith, all the while pretending they’re nice,
But truthfully they hate me, or at a minimum, they love themselves more,
They want the best for themselves, and try to fix the game’s score,
So they always come out on top.

People are selfish, no one really cares, unless it affects their own bottom line.
They’re all fakers and takers, who want me to like them, and offer them something that’s mine.
Demanding, presumptuous, rude and self-indulgent, they give nothing and expect so much-
They’re like rabbits sneaking into the garden I planted, destroying everything they touch,
When I had hoped for a bumper crop.

People make mistakes; then they try to cover up, and want others to take the blame,
Since the Garden of Eden nothing has changed; people are still the same,
Fig leaves are an inadequate covering for the ignorance, bless your heart,
People aren’t blind or gracious, but their forgiveness is for sale at the Shop-Mart,
Just don’t give them some cheap pop-skiddle-bop.

People are smug when they’re winning the game, even if they cheated to get there,
But if you call them out for it, they are upset, and offended referees would dare
To tell them they’ve broken the rules, and they have to go back and restart the game.
And I know, because I’m a person like all other people, that I do exactly the same.
That’s at least ten, so I think I’ll stop.


Maybe I should write a Ten that’s more positive about something…  Suggestions?


One thought on “Only Ten? Is It Enough?

  1. Monika Sylvestre

    “But truthfully they hate me, or at a minimum, they love themselves more,”

    It’s natural for humans to love themselves more, but any kind of affection we give ourselves does not imply hatred for other people. Why would you feel that people feel something as strongly as hatred for specifically you? 😦

    “Maybe I should write a Ten that’s more positive about something… Suggestions?”
    Ten things from the Bible that still apply today!


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