Challenge Accepted

Ten things from the Bible that still apply today

If every word in the Bible applies to us today,
Why are there so many people who don’t believe that way?
They look for loopholes and exceptions and errors in translation
These gnats they strain, passing camels of sin in the nation
We don’t want the Bible to have valid applications
If it does, we have to face the evil in our mirror
We look down our noses at others, but sin is nearer

Despite efforts to void them by lawyers and politicians,
We still can’t avoid God’s definitions of our basic sins,
The Ten Commandments will always be applicable.
Loving God wholeheartedly is either hard, or inescapable,
Because He loved us first, in ways unimaginable.
If we love Him, then we’ll want to avoid all of our sins
And loving as we love ourselves, Just be nice, that’s what it means.

It doesn’t matter much to me, how the universe came to be
But if God didn’t do it, how is it so perfect, just randomly?
And why are we here?  Is there purpose and meaning?
If there’s no right or wrong, why do we have  guilty feelings?
I can’t give what you want, if you want
permission to keep sinning.
If you don’t want to follow Christ, 
don’t take the Bible so personally
Because if you don’t,
it’s not for you, but it is written for me.

The Old Testament was written to Israel’s people, the Jews,
And for those who would be Christ-Followers, we have the New,
The critics say the
Old Testament is irrelevant, their dissension
Is to say the Old documents’ instructions are too outdated to mention
But if it’s in both Old and New Testaments, we might want to pay attention.
As God doesn’t change
His design or His mind about what to do,
until you die and go to meet Him, He offers His grace to you.  


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