Buttercream Dream

The writers group inspires again.  Their August assignment was “Lucid Dream.”  So here for your amusement, is my response:

Buttercream Dream – Michael Johns – 07/31/2014

Beta-1 earthquake?
How long will this last?
Am I asleep or awake?
I think I’ll bake,
And if the dream is real, not fake,
In the morning, for breakfast,
I’ll have cake.

I made that dream up because I’ve never been in a situation where I knew I was dreaming.

What’s your lucid dream experience?

Feel free to share in comments, I’m pretty curious about the phenomenon.


Oh, I got the adults attention and they’re all reading on:  

There’s a Wikipedia Article all about lucid dreaming and it’s fascinating stuff.  But I got to the part where it said there were two different kinds and all I could think of was, Wake Initiated Lucid Dream is shortened to W.I.L.D.  Sounds right.  That’s just wild.  Not to mention scary.  But Dream Initiated Lucid Dream is shortened to D.I.L.D.  It just sounds wrong.  If you’re in a dream you initiated and realized you were lucid in the experience, wouldn’t it better be called a Lucid Dream Occurrence, since it’s just your brain playing with you?

I’m a bit leery of the whole lucid dream experience.  What if I am somnambulant and my brain only thinks it’s in my head in my bed?  I might decide I can fly or something, and go leaping off a building.  No thank you, sedative hypnotic drugs.  Just check out the side effects, there are whole lists of drugs that might induce sleepwalking.

The following is excerpted from rocketswag.com:  

     There are some drugs and medications that can cause sleepwalking. When a person is
     sleeping, the sleep stages occur in a cyclical order where a person drifts from light sleep
     to deep sleep. Somewhere during these stages, the body releases a hormone which
     paralyzes the body and that is when a person drifts into deep sleep. In people, who have
     sleepwalking disorder, this hormone is absent and that is why they remain semiconscious
     through the night. It is in this semi-conscious state that these people tend to sleepwalk.

     Sleepwalking is associated with sleep disorders and is caused mainly due to the lack of sleep.
     Some medications that can trigger this disorder are anti-stress medications, oxycontin,
     depression medications, and also medications for schizophrenia can cause sleepwalking.
     Most of the medications that are meant to calm the brain or affect it also cause sleep walking.
     In addition, any medication or a dosage of medication that interferes with the natural sleep
     pattern of a person can cause this disorder.

I don’t want to sleep walk.  If I don’t really want to exercise while I’m awake, why would I want to exercise while I’m sleeping?

Cake, however, sounds like a really nice thing to wake up to.  When I get back home, I’m going to just go to bed.  Life is complicated, and I’m tired because of it.  

Good night, everyone!


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