And Six Minutes…

Urgency, tyranny,
Is stealing any freedom
To do what I want
There is no Time left
to invest
or achieve meaning,
No lasting impact,
After wasting
Six and a half hours sleeping;
I’m still tired anyway.
Nine and a half hours working,
When I know there will be 9 and more
In another day,
Two hours cleaning,
Laundry, vacuum, dishes, bathrooms, straightening,
The house, the yard, the trash,
When I know there will be a mess 10 minutes later.
One hour preparing myself and others
For work and school, and finding the missing
Homework or underwear, or hairbrush,
or “THAT top,” at the last second,
Don’t forget your lunch and your instrument!
And please don’t miss the bus!
Two hours trapped in traffic circles
Work, home, store, home,
Errands, home,
Around and around, endlessly
Two hours after work directing children
and helping with new homework,
Practice your instrument! One, two, three, four
One hour to deal with bills,
Crises, missing socks and other dramatic mini-series,
…and 6 minutes in the bathroom!


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