Waiting For Christmas

Waiting For Christmas, 12/17/2014, Michael N. Johns

This year I’m waiting for Christmas again,
Hoping to find presents for me,
It’s not so different from way-back-when
Except bigger responsibilities.

Way-back-when, I was much younger,
Vacations, mom’s cookies, and dreams-
My dreams seemed much simpler,
Though life wasn’t “peaches and cream.”

Mom’s cookies soothed the aches
Of skinned elbows and knees
She taught me how to cook and bake
But not to escape pains no one sees

Elbows and knees heal and blur,
But some wounds won’t go away
Past and present blend, memories stir,
I don’t long for yesterday.

Yesterday swiftly became today,
Todays will swiftly become tomorrows,
I do miss the freedom, friends and play.
I wish I could miss the sorrows.

Tomorrows may bring everything we hope,
With the anticipation of Christmas,
And wash away our needs, like soap.
O come, Emmanuel, with swiftness!

O come, O come, with hugs that heal
Our soul’s knees, this Christmas, I pray
Bring tender words, and comforting,
And miracles, like cookies on trays.


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