December Daydream

December Daydream, 1/6/2015, Michael N. Johns

I might as well have been a million miles
Away from swaying palm trees and terra cotta roof tiles.
The shovel slowly moved the cold snow like dry sand.
The winter wind bit my ungloved hands,
And I daydreamed:

There was a beautiful lady on a sandy beach,
And cold drinks of something warming just within reach,
She laughed that tinkling laugh like soft spoken chimes,
And we rested there, sharing wedges of a Key Lime.
How real it seemed.

The driveway and sidewalk were nearly clear,
From the white blanket lowered by the atmosphere.
The neighbor’s Christmas lights blinked, covered on the hedge,
I saw green grass peeking out of my driveway’s edge.
I daydreamed more:

My beautiful lady, with a gleam in her eyes,
Gave me a lusty wink, to my delighted surprise,
She started toward our cabana, running through sandy heat,
Left me wrestling to rise from my shifting, low seat,
There on the shore.

Reality chilled my fingers and my ears,
How sad, how quickly a good daydream disappears,
Back to the snow piled edges of a shoveled drive,
Not a blizzard, but enough to remind my back that I’m alive,
This is my life.

I surveyed my labors, felt a relieving crack,
As I stood straight, then turned to adjust my back,
The door opened, and I wondered, is this a dream or not?
My beautiful dream lady called, “Come inside, the coffee’s hot,”
I love my wife.


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