Trolling a Troll

Ever been approached by someone and  thought something like this?

Trolling a Troll, 1/29/2015, Michael N. Johns

Hey, back off, there, who invited you?
Thanks for the attention, but, um, just, ew!
Don’t pretend to like whatever I’m drinking,
Don’t think I’m interested in what you’re thinking,

It’s not that you’re not a wonderful …thing,
Really, it’s me; you’re not my kind of …thing
My place is my place, your place is yours,
I’m surprised you’re bi-pedal, not on all-fours!

It’s not that I’m not just filled with intrigue
It’s just that, um, you’re… in a different league!
I hope you can find someone whose love is true
Try again, I just know there’s someone for you,

In the grand scheme there’s someone for everyone
It’s me: it’s not me, but meeting you’s been really fun.
I hope you’ll quickly accept my suggestion,
Before I suffer from reversed digestion.


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