Revelation and Genesis

Revelation & Genesis, 05/22/2013, Michael N. Johns

The world ended, on Mayan schedule, in Two Thousand Twelve, December.
It occurred again, as it had twice the year before, as Harold Camping said, remember?
We’re riding a cold, black rock in space; the fires are gone out from our flaming ember.

It ended again in 1914, 18, 75 and 84, not counting at least another six events,
The Jehovah’s Witnesses were right, they saw it happening as their dates came and went.
Over seven million people can’t be wrong, following blindly where they’re sent.

The followers throw their real money at false leaders, who give false prophecies,
The leaders spend the money on homes, suits and cars, and never cure one disease.
Why don’t you just give your money to me? I’d like to be rich, if you please.

Look out! It’s the Antichrist, he’s lurking right there behind you now,
He whispers we should not believe, and never steps out to take a bow,
And “we like sheep” may, faithless, follow, led astray by this spirit somehow.

Aliens are coming! Witches, psychics, and prophets say the earth does backflips,
The music of the “new age,” like the music of the old “new age,” is a sign of the apocalypse,
And the followers pay their cash and learn to dance to the tune. Oh, look, it’s an eclipse.

The end of all things is “devoutly …wished,” but no one knows when it’ll come,
When living like there’s no tomorrow, some people act suicidally dumb.
It’s not winter yet. Instead, let us live, work, and plan as if this were autumn.

The truth is that the end is very near; Jesus will come, but you or I could die today,
It happens quietly most of the time; we see people pass, in a nondramatic way,
But while we live, there’s a new Revelation to find, and a new Genesis we make, every day.


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