Deity Graffiti

something old again, reflecting on Daniel 5:

Deity Graffiti

We feast, and dedicate to Sin,
Our sacred vessels we defile,
Despite our loving God’s patience,
We cast our gaze East, to denial,
Or Westward, back to slavery,
What direction is not folly?

Our hearts divide with each new thrill,
Pursuing some new sensation.
Weighed down but wanting, trapped, evil,
Our kingdom brings just desolation,
An emptiness nothing can fill,
And emptiness no thing can fill.

All taking and no giving back,
Our selfish hearts crave only more,
Our days are numbered, fade to black,
Can’t carry things through our death’s door.
We only have one life to give,
And no one knows how long we’ll live,

God’s handwriting is on our wall,”
Two minas, a shekel, and half a coin,
How far down to we have to fall,
Before we see where this is going?
Our lives have feather light meanings,
Until we turn. Then heaven sings.

©06/07/2012, Michael N. Johns


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