What Kind of God?

What Kind of God?, Michael N. Johns, 2/20/2015

Everyone wonders about God, or has an opinion,
Or doubts, or faith in one perspective or another.
Those who would question God often wonder,
Why this or that is allowed? Then they tell how they’d change
This or that, if it was their decision.

Which god is The God? Are they fake, or is one God real?
Did we create a god in our image, or the reverse?
And if God is God, do such questions bring a curse?
Is God like us in some way, or peculiar and wholly strange?
Is God singular, plural, male, female, ideal?

To the devout, the steadfast, the doubter, the faithless,
If we are crushed every day or at least by occasional strain,
Why do some seem to sail smoothly, while for others, life is pain?
What kind of god would you be?  What would you rearrange?
Would you do better?  Why and who would you bless?

People ask all these questions; some even dare to claim
They know God; they’ve seen Him or Her or them or it
Deaf sheep get fleeced, or sacrificed, as they follow the leadership
Of the extra-sentient, the prophetic, the liar or the deranged,
Who presume to speak comforts, or horrors, in God’s name.

If there is a God, then it is all assembled by design,
Even if God spun it and then we were all abandoned.
Are there rules we should obey?  What if it’s not all random?
What if we’re wrong, wasting time? One life is not all that long range.
Which Voice should we follow?  Your God or mine?

I’m looking for Light, a Voice of hope, a ring of Truth, a reason,
I’m looking for a loving heart despite chaos and destruction
Just like everyone else, I want to know how to stop evil’s seduction.
Is there purpose?  Are we acting for a Critic, playing parts on life’s stage?
Why do so many worship themselves, when we’re only here a season?

If you were god for a day, how would you fix this ungodly mess?
Smite evildoers, destroy destroyers, or wait with merciful intent?
What if everyone is evil? Would you brim, spill eternal disappointment?
What kind of god would you be?  What would you rearrange?
Would you do better?  Why and who would you bless?


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