Monthly Archives: March 2015

Bigger Than Your Box

If  your god fits in a box of any dimension, your god is too small.
God doesn’t fit in any box, no matter how wide or tall,
And sometimes God gives us enormous purposes to fulfill.
If you follow, seeking Him, I’m confident He will
Call you to climb out of the box you thought you fit in.
The darkness, life’s pressures, other people, and sin
All say you are worthless, insignificant, dirty, and small.
God’s grace can make the lies obvious, though you may stumble and fall.
God doesn’t fit in a box, and neither should you.
You were created in the image of that God, it’s true.
Though the road is hard and dark, let yourself become the dream.
You may doubt, but you are more important than you seem.
You can believe the lies,  and hide behind imaginary door’s locks.
Tiny and confined, or fearlessly grow