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Solstice at Stonehenge

Solstice at Stonehenge, Michael N. Johns, 6/22/2015

We rang the stones to celebrate,
As Solstice came again,
Our dancing, wild and daring fate-
Clouds brought hard summer rains,

We rang the stones out anyway,
For life, for the sun’s rays,
The wind and rain joined as we sang
Our hymns of thunderous praise,

Each person there a welcome friend,
We knew the music well,
All sad and wet at concert’s end
To leave when evening fell.

Superhero’s Symphony

Superhero’s Symphony, Michael N. Johns, 06/09/2015

I stormed the prison walls at night.
I overcame the guards by stealth,
Seized the keys of your prison cell,
And thus, freed, you and I took flight.

If I were a super hero,
Bursting your bonds to rescue you,
This little story might be true.
Alas, it’s just a metaphor.

In truth I only wish it were,
So I could be your super man,
Your heart, the prize, and I its’ fan,
I labored, played my overture,

And won, I thought. Your heart was mine.
Our symphony had just begun,
The staves promised the sweetest run…
I played wrong notes on the next line.

“Stop the music, back to the cue,
Where’s the hero who won my heart?”
Tired, and headed back to the start,
Trudging slower, trying to get through,

It’s not easy, and you tease me,
Make me change, try, try again,
If I could be your super man,
I would just know, be strong, succeed,

Looking back I clearly can see
My heart’s locked in your prison cell
I don’t want out, the truth to tell
But I wish you’d come rescue me.