Harmonic Discord

Harmonic Discord, Michael N. Johns, 10/7/2015

You used to kiss with all your heart, whenever you kissed me,
The score of life seemed beautiful, and blessed with harmony,
Then there were times, and life’s events, I sometimes felt ignored,
But I loved you, we muddled through occasional discord,
Those kisses changed over time, you thought I wouldn’t notice,
Our music, despite busy notes, decrescendoed in its’ bliss,
I missed the fire and tried to kindle romance, but I failed,
Somewhere your expectations were impossibly detailed,
Now you’ve become mechanical, as we play the days’ score,
What can I do to win you back, the music to restore?
You say “yes,” but your kiss says “no,” I take a measured rest,
I want the symphony, but hear a triangle at best,
I’ve offered you my heart, and all I am, and I want more.
You say that we’re ok, but I hate harmonic discord.


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