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Invisible Inside

Invisible Inside, 11/19/2015, Michael N. Johns

I wish I were half what others think,
They don’t realize,
I’m nothing good, and daily, sink,
By just opening my eyes.

Tea in a cracked cup, time escapes.
My light is darkness,
My doubt is doubtless,
My words are worthless,
A file in an outage, to be erased.

I wish I could do what I want to do,
Instead of what I want
The horror movie repeating, new,
Will failure always haunt?

Steam in a kettle, left on fire
Forgotten water
Couldn’t God bother
(As He’s the Potter)
To make me better, to take me higher?

I wish I were good as I dream of being,
It would be enough,
To be who I want, to not be bleeding,
To win when life is rough.

Cut by my soul’s pain, abandoned,
Alone and crying,
Tick, tock, I’m dying,
Living, I’m lying,
Wish lies were truth, deceiving companions.