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“There’s No Such Thing as Monsters?”

“There’s No Such Thing as Monsters?”, Michael N. Johns, 4/28/2016

If there weren’t wars and man-made hate,
Could scientists eliminate
Diseases, famines, and create
Utopia?  We could all live
In harmony, and we could give
Attention, then,  preemptive,
To nature’s uncontrolled horrors.

By consequence, we’d intervene
When earthquakes shake and make a scene,
When tidal waves, floods unforeseen,
Or drought disrupt, or volcano
Erupt, or crops refuse to grow-
We’d share with people we don’t know,
Like foster family sponsors.

Alas, there’s war, hate, selfishness,
Rape, murder, robbery, it’s a mess!
Adding to pains and natural stress
Add greed’s victims held in the sway
Of life-crippling debt to pay
And then you still would try to say
“There’s no such thing as monsters?”

True Love’s Unfair (Rondeau Redoblé)

True love’s unfair, although a worthy quest,
Our time is fairer less:  tick-tock!  It’s gone,
We should run long and hope to be so blessed,
Awaking slowly, to enjoy the dawn

Strike one heart, leave others’ doors not knocked on,
The darts of love are haphazard at best
To find someone with whom to share life’s song
True love’s unfair, although a worthy quest.

When love is found, too often it’s a test,
As fickle humans’ eyes, to lust, are drawn,
When found, how swiftly comes eternal rest:
Our time is fairer less- tick-tock!  It’s gone!

The competition’s fierce.  At starting gun, 
As one, we strive to have and hold the best,
But “best” is different for everyone,
We should run long, and hope to be so blessed.

Some say that love’s a game to play, like chess.
If love’s a game, then I would be her pawn.
Let time advance, but slow, ’til I’m possessed,
Awaking slowly, to enjoy the dawn.

If I’m to find love, let me chance upon
A heart that beats warm, under softest breast,
Me: ugly duckling, winning lovely swan,
Passing by any others, who’ve assessed,
True love’s unfair.