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Wish of a Thousand Cranes

A Little Boy Killed a little girl
She was eating from a rice bowl.
He took ten years to murder her,
Starting when she was two years old.

Before he was through his serial spree,
Many thousands more had died.
All the generals had made plans to be
More powerful, no matter the price.

After all the bloodshed, the pride satisfied,
The dead not even under earthen pile,
The killers from all sides finally set aside
The murdering, just for a while.

I wish we knew what she wished for
When she folded her thousand cranes
Perhaps just peace on earth and shore
Would be worth all her pains.

I hope we’ll spend time folding paper cranes,
Instead of fighting each other.
I’d rather not see the death, war planes,
But celebrate as sister and brother.

Fold a thousand paper cranes, start, get folding.
Make a wish in memory of all who still die.
Then maybe Little Boys will stop the killing,
And find that peace is worth a try.