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“There’s No Such Thing as Monsters?”

“There’s No Such Thing as Monsters?”, Michael N. Johns, 4/28/2016

If there weren’t wars and man-made hate,
Could scientists eliminate
Diseases, famines, and create
Utopia?  We could all live
In harmony, and we could give
Attention, then,  preemptive,
To nature’s uncontrolled horrors.

By consequence, we’d intervene
When earthquakes shake and make a scene,
When tidal waves, floods unforeseen,
Or drought disrupt, or volcano
Erupt, or crops refuse to grow-
We’d share with people we don’t know,
Like foster family sponsors.

Alas, there’s war, hate, selfishness,
Rape, murder, robbery, it’s a mess!
Adding to pains and natural stress
Add greed’s victims held in the sway
Of life-crippling debt to pay
And then you still would try to say
“There’s no such thing as monsters?”

Bucket List, Additions Pending

I saw the hilarious movie with Morgan Freeman, and now I’ve started following and reading http://bucketlistpublications.org/ and I thought perhaps a Bucket List poem might be fun for me to write.  Maybe you have a bucket list of suggestions I might like to aim for as well.  This may turn out to be an epic poem.  I have a lot of wishes for before I kick the bucket.


Bucket List, Additions Pending

I’d like the time and money to travel and to stay at home,
I’d like to bring my family, and find places to be alone,
The canals in Venice, The palace, the Royal Albert Hall,
Cruise and tour the coffee belt, sampling them all, 

From Colombia to Kenya, Borneo to Brazil,
See the Louvre and pray in Clermont-Ferrand cathedral,
The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery,
Have a pint of Guinness fresh from the brewery,

Dance a Muñeira with bota of wine, none spilt,
Play Bagpipes while wearing a genuine kilt,
Learn to play guitar, write some novels, own and play a violin,
Read everything I want and then discoveries, then read again

Listen to classical and classic music’s chords
Visit castles, museum grottoes, see armor and swords,
Grow a garden, have a greenhouse, my own coffee trees
Have a neighbor trade his honey, fresh from the honeybees, 

North Carolina and Washington apples from tree to tree,
Fresh fruit and bread from Pennsylvania and Paris,
Tea in Japan and China, Turkish coffee, capturing the scenes,
A worldwide tour is needed, to survey all the cuisines,

Then to tour the worlds of art and dance and song,
From Kiev to Kansas and around again, so long!
There are my servant wishes, that the Earth would find peace,
Learn to get along, to share, find cures for all disease,

And end murder and violence, crime, starvation and greed,
Time to fish, rest by a fireplace, and did I mention, read?
Time to spend with family, time to love my wife, well,
The way she loves me and keeps me under that magic spell,

And finally the wishes I wish from my love, so true,
(Discreet, I won’t write all of those down here to share with you,)
So many things more I’m wishing for, complete with ribbons to untie,
This could take quite while!  I’ve got no time to die!


The wick was white as purest snow,
The candle, blood scarlet,
She struck the match, certain, and slow,
Tongue touched to lips, to wet,
The sanguine wine never felt shame,
And wax began to melt,
Her fingers danced, played with the flame,
Assessing what she felt,

The tears she cried had been replaced
With resolve toward a new goal,
The pain she knew, an old friend, traced
The outline of her soul.
The molten wet pooled at the base,
And froze as it grew cold,
Now blackened thread, once soft as lace,
Turned hardened, crisp, and old.

The death inside felt dull and thick,
To abdomen and spine,
She felt used, like the wax and wick,
And sipped forgiving wine,
Burgundy peace and clarity,
The small flame, warmth and light
Now, shadows danced jovially,
The chains and pains took flight.

She wondered how she’d been so blind,
Allowed such searing grief
She left the burdens far behind,
The pen, sword of relief.
Her freedom’s proclamation, signed,
She smiled, victoriously.
Settling her heart, with dreams in mind,
“From now on is for me.”

Wish of a Thousand Cranes

A Little Boy Killed a little girl
She was eating from a rice bowl.
He took ten years to murder her,
Starting when she was two years old.

Before he was through his serial spree,
Many thousands more had died.
All the generals had made plans to be
More powerful, no matter the price.

After all the bloodshed, the pride satisfied,
The dead not even under earthen pile,
The killers from all sides finally set aside
The murdering, just for a while.

I wish we knew what she wished for
When she folded her thousand cranes
Perhaps just peace on earth and shore
Would be worth all her pains.

I hope we’ll spend time folding paper cranes,
Instead of fighting each other.
I’d rather not see the death, war planes,
But celebrate as sister and brother.

Fold a thousand paper cranes, start, get folding.
Make a wish in memory of all who still die.
Then maybe Little Boys will stop the killing,
And find that peace is worth a try.