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If You Decide

I’ve been following for so long, wandering in my wilderness,
Every day I take for granted Your provisions for my stress,
Turning blindly from Your presence, I am buried by my cares,
I’m a dead man with no coffin, facing people’s frightened stares,

I can’t navigate myself, can’t see the signs through all these tears,
Got a better map than most, trying to follow all these years
But some days when I’m travelling, North looks South and East looks down,
I’m supposed to show the way up. No one listens to a clown.

If You decide to lead me, in spite of all the times I stray,
I’ll do my best to do Your will.

There’s no fire in my night sky, but the clouds choke me all day,
And without any real guidance, how can I find my own way?
I’m afraid we’ll all be lost If they’re dumb enough to follow
Sometimes it’s just not enough, me not knowing what I don’t know.

Can You help me see my own way clear if I’m supposed to lead?
This smold’ring wick’s about to go out, this tiny mustard seed,
I’m under grinding heels of self doubt, I just want to be healed,
The scars are permanent, still painful, nevertheless, I’ll yield.

If You decide to use me, in spite of all the times I fail,
I’ll do my best to do Your will.



13, 12/11/2015, Michael N. Johns
(For Caleb)

Happy Birthday, quickly teen
The babies, so soon grown
I reminisce, and love my own
Forget, remember all I’ve seen,

The time has ticked, it’s gone now
My treasures, dreams at play
I love who you’ve become today
Though I don’t know, I know somehow

Happy Birthday, boy turned man
How short these long years feel
I taught love, “strong as death,*” and real,
I “booped” your nose, now shake your hand.

I cry with pride, you are mine
And independent too
I see the good, rooted in you
Trust God, not me, you’ll be just fine.

Happy Birthday, strong, brave boy,
You’ve done well, where I’ve failed
And as you navigate your trail,
You should know you bring me such joy.
*SOS 8:6

Happily Ever After

Why are all the happy endings broken?
Women blame men blaming women,
Is it just possible we’re not “in love;”
Using each other instead of
A true commitment to weather the storms?
Breakup, a relational norm;
Romance, reality, in collision,
Lost, the original vision
“Once upon a time” called “love at first sight.”

“And they lived happily ever after,”
She loved him truly loving her,
Both tried to fulfill their spouses’ wishes,
Trouble came as trouble visits,
Which still happens after the dragon’s slain,
They chose not to ride off in vain,
Into the sunset, but to keep striving,
Which is how it can last, thriving:
Clinging to each other with all their might.

Florida Sunset

It was a beautiful Florida sunset,
Like a million sunsets before,
I ordered a cafe con le-
che, and I walked along the shore.

Her eyes captured mine completely by surprise.
I fell into their stormy surf.
Then she noticed without chasti-
sing, and smiled, not hiding her mirth.

“I apologize for staring… you’re pretty,”
reaching deep for courage to speak.
“You’re fine; that’s probably the swee-
test compliment I’ve heard all week.”

Despite our awkward meeting there on the sand,
Somehow it just felt very right,
To walk hand in hand, and have cand-
le-lit dinner for two that night.

It was a beautiful Florida sunset,
Like no other sunset before.