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“There’s No Such Thing as Monsters?”

“There’s No Such Thing as Monsters?”, Michael N. Johns, 4/28/2016

If there weren’t wars and man-made hate,
Could scientists eliminate
Diseases, famines, and create
Utopia?  We could all live
In harmony, and we could give
Attention, then,  preemptive,
To nature’s uncontrolled horrors.

By consequence, we’d intervene
When earthquakes shake and make a scene,
When tidal waves, floods unforeseen,
Or drought disrupt, or volcano
Erupt, or crops refuse to grow-
We’d share with people we don’t know,
Like foster family sponsors.

Alas, there’s war, hate, selfishness,
Rape, murder, robbery, it’s a mess!
Adding to pains and natural stress
Add greed’s victims held in the sway
Of life-crippling debt to pay
And then you still would try to say
“There’s no such thing as monsters?”

If You Decide

I’ve been following for so long, wandering in my wilderness,
Every day I take for granted Your provisions for my stress,
Turning blindly from Your presence, I am buried by my cares,
I’m a dead man with no coffin, facing people’s frightened stares,

I can’t navigate myself, can’t see the signs through all these tears,
Got a better map than most, trying to follow all these years
But some days when I’m travelling, North looks South and East looks down,
I’m supposed to show the way up. No one listens to a clown.

If You decide to lead me, in spite of all the times I stray,
I’ll do my best to do Your will.

There’s no fire in my night sky, but the clouds choke me all day,
And without any real guidance, how can I find my own way?
I’m afraid we’ll all be lost If they’re dumb enough to follow
Sometimes it’s just not enough, me not knowing what I don’t know.

Can You help me see my own way clear if I’m supposed to lead?
This smold’ring wick’s about to go out, this tiny mustard seed,
I’m under grinding heels of self doubt, I just want to be healed,
The scars are permanent, still painful, nevertheless, I’ll yield.

If You decide to use me, in spite of all the times I fail,
I’ll do my best to do Your will.

Please Hear My Confession

Please Hear My Confession, Michael N. Johns, 1/21/2015

Bless me, Heavenly Father, for I have sinned.
I don’t deserve any blessing, but I ask anyway.
It feels like it’s been a lifetime and a day
since my last confession,a prayer on the wind.
At life and love, I’m far from winning.

And since that time, I’ve failed continually,
Any “prayers” mentioned under my breath
Weren’t worth saying or repeating by me,
Or answering by You, at least not with a “yes.”
There is no end to all my sinning.

I’m sure I’ve had perpetually impure thoughts
About everyone, from Abbess to Zookeeper,
Mostly in passing traffic, daydreams, or the halls.
Feeling jealousy, murder, adultery and hate were
Not the end, just the beginning.

There is no love in my words or actions,
Except my narcissism, like it’s own religion.
It’s not my fault I think I’m near perfection
Until You show me Your expectations.
Then I’ve struck out, from first to seventh inning.

I’ve only gone from there to petty seeming things,
Wanting what I want, like a five-year-old,
With a temper running from thoughtless hot, to vengeful cold.
I am truly sorry for these and all my sins.
Without Your mercy, my soul is spinning.

Bucket List, Additions Pending

I saw the hilarious movie with Morgan Freeman, and now I’ve started following and reading http://bucketlistpublications.org/ and I thought perhaps a Bucket List poem might be fun for me to write.  Maybe you have a bucket list of suggestions I might like to aim for as well.  This may turn out to be an epic poem.  I have a lot of wishes for before I kick the bucket.


Bucket List, Additions Pending

I’d like the time and money to travel and to stay at home,
I’d like to bring my family, and find places to be alone,
The canals in Venice, The palace, the Royal Albert Hall,
Cruise and tour the coffee belt, sampling them all, 

From Colombia to Kenya, Borneo to Brazil,
See the Louvre and pray in Clermont-Ferrand cathedral,
The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery,
Have a pint of Guinness fresh from the brewery,

Dance a Muñeira with bota of wine, none spilt,
Play Bagpipes while wearing a genuine kilt,
Learn to play guitar, write some novels, own and play a violin,
Read everything I want and then discoveries, then read again

Listen to classical and classic music’s chords
Visit castles, museum grottoes, see armor and swords,
Grow a garden, have a greenhouse, my own coffee trees
Have a neighbor trade his honey, fresh from the honeybees, 

North Carolina and Washington apples from tree to tree,
Fresh fruit and bread from Pennsylvania and Paris,
Tea in Japan and China, Turkish coffee, capturing the scenes,
A worldwide tour is needed, to survey all the cuisines,

Then to tour the worlds of art and dance and song,
From Kiev to Kansas and around again, so long!
There are my servant wishes, that the Earth would find peace,
Learn to get along, to share, find cures for all disease,

And end murder and violence, crime, starvation and greed,
Time to fish, rest by a fireplace, and did I mention, read?
Time to spend with family, time to love my wife, well,
The way she loves me and keeps me under that magic spell,

And finally the wishes I wish from my love, so true,
(Discreet, I won’t write all of those down here to share with you,)
So many things more I’m wishing for, complete with ribbons to untie,
This could take quite while!  I’ve got no time to die!