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When two songs fit together when played at the same time, music benders call it a “mash up.”  A simple form would be singing Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan’s Island.  It works, try it, you will be laughing by the time you’re done singing.  I love this kind of innovation, and I also love the fusion of different styles of music, like the orchestral arrangements of Michael Kamen, performed with the band Metallica in the recording S(ymphony) & M(etal).  

I’ve just heard a rumor that a limerick can be written as a pair of haiku.  I’m going to try this and see 1) if it’s true and 2) if I can do a work that respects both traditional forms.  So I would need both the humor of a limerick and the disciplined, ethereal respectfulness of the haiku.  Who else is brave enough to try with me?!


Status Update

I have 5 of 66 poems written for one collection, if I can find the third one I wrote on a scrap somewhere, and 23 of 50 written for another. I have ideas for 3 more poems which I hope to be hit by the inspiration bug to actually write them.  The life of a poet is not very well regimented.  At least not this poet.  If I were regimented I’d be much further along on my projects.


I hope all of you other poets find your muse, and I hope I find mine and can hang on for a while. 

Heaven’s Sealed Display Case

The windows of heaven that 
We’re told shower blessings
Have been tightly shut
At least to my 
Recent prayers.

I can see the blessings.
They’re just
Behind the glass,

I’m a starving kid, looking  
Doughnuts in the display case
The dime and two pennies
In his dirty hand.

I wish I had the key
Or a rock big enough
And an arm strong enough
To shatter the sealed window
So I could taste the blessings
Like doughnuts
And milk.